Learn what planners want from hotels and venues in 2023

The issues facing planners have changed. The Northstar/Cvent Meetings Industry PULSE Report gives suppliers proven insight into evolving planner sentiment. Topics include:

  • The state of meetings and events.
  • The importance of rebuilding relationships.
  • How planners are evaluating venues.

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Here’s what planners say suppliers must do

Top Findings for Suppliers


40% of planners are focused on booking new events

Tip: Tip: Submit visually appealing Smart Custom Proposals to engage planners from the beginning of the sourcing process.


Planners remain concerned over costs and budgets

Tip: Use Cvent Business Intelligence to compare your property’s pricing against your competition.


49% of planners report increased demand for venues in major cities

Tip: Tip: Include all the amenities and activities that are in or near your hotel on your CSN profile and advertising.

Resources to Meet Planner Needs


What Planners Want and Need

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The Future of Group Business

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Top 14 Trends for Suppliers

Learn how to capitalize on the booming hospitality recovery in 2023 amid the growing impact of inflation and understaffing.

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